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Re: Tritons Part Deaux

Ivo wrote:
<<The Triton is also bluer (20% more PAR photons in
between 400 and 500 nm)>>

Whoaaa... Most of that went right over my head. But I was able to pick up 
that they're not alike since Triton's are bluer and FS are redder.

<<And why a tube made by Thorn/EMI for Interpet in the UK would be 
by a competitor, GE ?>>


<<Unless the 
GE bulb you got is already used and dropped in intensity.>>

I was assuming that since Tritons lose only 10% of their output then the new 
C50 that I got should look no brighter than my old "re-labeled Triton" aka GE 

Bob D wrote:
<<And the tubes that came with my ALL-Glass hood were in no way Tritons.  Too 
much red, not enough brightness.>>

That's what I thought too. But I just wanted to make sure. Thanks everyone 
for your replies. I've decided to take back my Tritons to my LFS and I should 
get my replacement by tomorrow.