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Algae Paranoia?

I am new to the planted tank.  I have had my 45 gallon D.A.S. set up now for
about 2 1/2 weeks.  The following are my water conditions:

Temp 78 Degrees
Nitrite 0 - .25 ppm
KH  17.9 - 35.8 ppm
GH  200 ppm
Ammonia too low to detect
pH 6.5

I am terrified that I will have an outbreak of algae on my hands.  The last
time I attempted a planted tank 3 years ago, it failed miserably.  The
lighting was too dim and did not have CO2 injection to help.  When I set up
my current tank, I added bacteria (bottled) every other day.  I now have a
total of 80 watts of lighting (hope this is enough).  I have ordered
Coralife Trichromatic 100% Super Daylight bulbs to replace my current
lights.  Thanks to Dave Gomberg (another satisfied customer), I have added
CO2.  It is sending out 1 drop per second.  The substrate is Flourite.  I
added Tropica Master Grow when I set up the aquarium.  The tank is heavily
planted with hygro, nana, cardamine, radican sword, java fern and some kind
of fast growing wide ribboned bulb( grows very long leaves). There are 5
white skirt tetras and 4 red velvet swords.  I live around Dallas, TX where
we have hard water.

A few of the leaves on the nana came with black stubbly algae on it.  I
tried to clean off what I could before they were added.  I was unable to
scrape off the area around the leaf edges.  I am waiting for new growth
before I remove those leaves.  My Hygro is starting to get some green algae
on a few of the leaves.  In addition, I am getting a little brown algae
spots on the nana, hygro and the sword.  HELP!!!  I am terrified of getting
an outbreak!  Should I pluck the leaves on the hygro? I recently cleaned the
algae off the front inside glass.  Will this now spread everywhere?  Am I
doomed to utter failure or just overreacting?  Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.


Jennifer Prince