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Planted Aquaria Magazine

I haven't read any comments from anybody regarding the first issue of Dave
Gomberg's "Planted Aquaria" magazine, so perhaps Canada Post finally got
their act together....

Anyway, today's mail brought both issues of PA and TAG. Both safely tucked
inside mailing envelopes so that they arrive in good condition (when you're
a literature hound like me you appreciate that). Both magazines are
physically the same size and format. And BOTH are worth the read.

Dave, congratulations are certainly in order - a fine first issue, very
nicely produced. And the color is glorious. A great mix of articles, truly
"something for everyone". I'm glad I subscribed and can't wait to take my
copy into my local aquarium store to show it around - hopefully they will be
impressed enough to start carrying it for sale. May this venture flourish
and grow.

James Purchase