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Rosy Barbs, plant flitration

Thanks to all who kicked in their opinions, advice and experience.

We in the San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society had the great
pleasure of a visit from Claus Christensen (of Tropika Dk fame) recently,
and as I'm sure is wont to happen when Claus departs, a number of us are
rethinking the way our tanks are set up.  I've got hair algae out the kazoo
in my 50g and I was casting about looking for a magic bullit.  There's
really no such thing - magic bullits always come at a cost.  I think the
best idea for me is to hunker down and figure out what's missing in my
nutrient balance.  I like my shrimp and Guoramis - so much for Rosy Barbs.
Actually, I'm setting up a 10g this week and it's going to need fish next
month - maybe I'll build a slightly more aggressive community and export
some barbs to the larger tank for a few days once in awhile.  Though it's
not as heavily planted as it was recently, my 50g still provides enough
cover for its denizens that a short visit might be tolerable.

> As far as plant filtration goes, A recent common sense comment from Karen
> Randall hit home: with planted aquaria it makes no difference whether the
> plants are in the sump, an external box or in the tank itself.  
> I'm sticking with what works and focusing on fixing the imbalance.
> Interestingly, Steve Dixon reports that Claus found just about every tank
> he viewed to be deficient in micro-nutrients.  A few of us Lemmings here
> have followed Steve over yet another cliff, and doubled our TMG dosage.
> Time will tell.
michael rubin 
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