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re: Recent online purchase experience with Dave Gomberg

Hi James et al.

I appreciate the time you have taken in making your reply. From the onlist 
replies it appears that Dave has many satisfied customers. From the offlist 
replies it appears that there have been a few other customers who have 
experienced some shipping issues in the past.

James made a number of comments. I wish to set the record straight about a 
number of things:

1) A shipping delay is something I can understand when I am informed that a) 
the product has shipped and b) the product should have arrived. The key is 
that I EXPECT the supplier to keep me informed. If I know to expect a three 
month delay then I will be patient. If I am told that the shipment has been 
lost then I will be patient. If I am told that they inadvertantly made a 
mistake and forgot to package the Iron test kit then I will be patient. 
Information is the key!

2) As a customer I don't expect that I need to tell a business how to 
service it's customers. I can and do expect good customer service. This 
includes updates on shipping as well as prompt responses to my questions 
about shipping status. An example of this problem relates to the Iron test 
kit. I sent TWO (2) emails to Dave requesting information on the missing 
iron test kit. I still have no answer. At no point were my emails nasty or 
unduly critical. I expressed a desire to be patient. It is the lack of 
response that ultimately caused the review which I recently posted.

I guess my comments speak strictly to information. As a customer I can be 
very reasonable if I am informed.

You did note that I made my order on December 10 and it is now March 28? 
After a three month + wait my order is still not complete and yet my credit 
card was instantly billed. How long do you expect people to wait? Three 
months, six months or a year? Where do you draw the line? Did you know that 
people have walked across Canada (the world's 2nd largest country) in under 
a year?

UPS/Purolator etc all offer methods to track shipments. There is an 
additional fee for this service but this is something I would have paid for. 
Unfortunately I was never given the option. You mention how reasonable that 
Dave was to reship the order. What was the alternative? Would it have been 
ok if the equipment which was paid for had never arrived? Where was my 
option to insure the shipment? This again was a missing option. I know that 
Dave is trying to provide a cheap service for people. How about providing an 
upgraded service for those who are willing to pay a little extra.

I constantly order windsurfing equipment especially sails, masts and booms 
from US sources. These are seriously oversized items which all arrive within 
two weeks of the order. In no case has it taken more then 21 days.

The last comment made in your email is about responsibility for a long 
delayed order and poor customer service. I am the customer. I expect and 
should receive good customer service. It is not my job to make sure that I 
am informed when a shipment goes missing. It is ultimately the 
responsibility of the business to keep their customers happy. In my case my 
unusual expectation was that communication would continue to occurr after my 
order was processed. As I mentioned above a delay of three months, numerous 
requests for status, and a total lack of response about missing components 
leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Like you James, I tend to praise suppliers who treat me well. In fact this 
is my only negative post of this nature in all the year's I've been online. 
This should underline how negative I find this behaviour. I much prefer to 
tell people about the positive examples of good service that are out there.

Again, I appreciate that other people's mileage with this company has 
varied. I believe the border issue between Canada and the US could indeed be 
a big part of the problem.

I know many people appreciate the feedback that Dave has provided on the 
list. That is a separate issue then the performance of his company. On the 
list I see Dave as an individual. When dealing with him as a business the 
nicest regular posting in the world fails to make up for poor customer 

I welcome Dave's feedback on these points.

~Jamie N
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