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Re: stem plant pruning

>>I noticed that my Althernanthera reineckii roseafolia does not seem to
stand too much pruning. It was growing healthy and beautifully red until I
prunned its outgrown stems a couple times. First I throwed out the growing
tips and let the cutout stumps in place to regrow. They did so beautifully.
Then I pruned again and replanted the growing tips, throwing out the rooted
stumps. Again it recovered nicely. The third time, I again replanted the
growing tips, but then it slowed down noticeabily, lost its color even on
the leaves' undersides, and new growth is coming out crinkled and small.
Nothing else changed in the tank, it's been very stable for several months
now. And all other plants in the same tank didn't change their behavior at
all. <<

Well, I cant offer an explanation for your plants, but I have repeatedly
been cutting and replanting the tops, and keeping the original plants for a
year now, cutting about every two weeks, or at least once a month. My plants
have not suffered or changed the way they grow at all, and are a brilliant
red. http://www.aquabotanic.com/PC250009.JPG  Since this picture was taken,
the stand has gotten larger, cascading down to the front of the tank, with
plants of varying height.  The Giant Hygro next to these plants in the
picture however, have not faired as well after several cuttings...they are
now spindly little things with no leaves on the bottom half of the plant.
Now this tank is 100 US gallons with a Profile/Flourite substrate and 370
watts of VHO/NO lighting.

Robert Paul H