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Re: Claus Christensen's suggestions: plant flitration and Rosy Barbs

on 01:48 PM 3/27/00 , Michael Rubin wrote:

>I've been thinking of some of the things Claus mentioned; specifically his
>strong suggestion for the the use of plant filtration.  My trickle filter
>probably wouldn't be difficult to convert.  As I understand it I would
>remove the bio-balls, place some fast-growing plants directly into the water
>with no substrate, and add a 15-watt light source.  I suppose I would have
>to remove the sump cover and modify the hose so that the gravity flow still
>gets to the sump.  This is an area in which several members have experience,
>but I'm a little nervous about making what looks like a substantial change.

Is this in a heavily planted tank, and if so, what's the point? Don't 
plants in the tank do just as much good as plants in a sump?

>Claus also suggested the use Rosy Barbs ton control hair algae.  Does anyone
>have Rosy Barbs, and do they really eat hair algae?  Will they eat anything
>OTHER than the algae?  Will they disturb my other fish (Pearl Guoramis,
>Harlequin and Espes Rasboras, Otos, SAEs, C. japonica shrimp, assorted

My rosy barbs eat some algaes. They're not miracle workers, nor are they 
SAEs, but they help. They *will* eat *anything* other than the algae if 
they can get it (flakes, brine shrimp, etc.) The algae they do the most 
good with is the long, stringy green stuff.

They won't bother your rasboras, Otos, SAEs, or Cories. I'm not sure about 
Gouramis or the shrimp. Make sure you have a school (3-4 barbs minimum) and 
they'll focus their attentions on each other.

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