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Re: Claus Christensen's suggestions: plant flitration and RosyBarbs

Rubin, Michael at mrubin at visa_com wrote:

> Claus also suggested the use Rosy Barbs ton control hair algae.  Does anyone
> have Rosy Barbs, and do they really eat hair algae?  Will they eat anything
> OTHER than the algae?  Will they disturb my other fish (Pearl Guoramis,
> Harlequin and Espes Rasboras, Otos, SAEs, C. japonica shrimp, assorted
> Cories)?

Michael, my Rosy Barbs eat hair algae, although I've never tried to guage
how much. They haven't eradicated it from my tank, though (4 of them in a
45g).  They also nibble on tender growth of hygro, bacopa, ambulia and maybe
some other stuff, but they dont do enough damage to worry about. They will
also eat dead or dying leaves, which is a nice side benefit. They do not
harass my harlequins, otos, or cories, although they will kill and eat your
shrimp (they do mine) unless you have very large shrimp or very small barbs
(Rosys grow very fast, btw). They are very boistrous, and they are frenzied
eaters, so if you have any slow-moving feeders or fish that do not tolerate
a lot of activity, you will have to take measures to ensure the Rosys don't
out-compete them for food or annoy them to death.

Frankly, I wouldn't have them because of their habit of killing my shrimp,
but my wife loves them and the shrimp are cheap (I just get the common
"glass" shrimp).

Dan Dixon