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RE: overrun by Java moss

> Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 03:01:35 GMT
> Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #175
	> >Chcuk writes:
> > > > Last summer, I put some new aquarium plants directly in to my pond.
> > > >  Apparently, what appears to be Java moss was on something, and it
> has
> > >taken
> > > >  over.  It covers everything.  <snip>  Any help appreciated.
> Bob Dixon replied:
> <snip, gasoline ;-)) >
> > >But seriously, if you can find a type of pond fish that will eat it, it
> > >doesn't grow very fast.  It will, however, always manage to survive in
> a
> > >little tiny corner somewhere, and come back again when your fish get
> fat 
> > >and lazy.
> > 
> > "Edward Venn" <e_venn at hotmail_com> then said:
> > This IS a first. I've never heard of Java Moss taking over. Usually it
> does 
> > moderately well then slowly dies away in my tanks. Shrimp such as
> yamato, 
> > moh-ebi, suji-ebi and other varieties seem to scarf it down with
> abandon. 
I'm with Bob.  It's a nice slow-growing plant, but it takes over 
every tank I've ever put it in.  Low light, no algae, tons of
Java moss.  I have many cubic feet of the stuff (not kidding.)

I'm comforted mostly because it's easy to grab and 
remove.  Of course, you won't get every last bit that
way.  I can't seem to keep any shrimp, though (very soft 

--charley bay
charleyb at cytomation_com