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>I've been watching this thread with some amusment and more than a little
>interest.  First, I have a hard time accepting that that stuff could
>POSSIBLY be javamoss taking over your pond!  However, mail me a sample,
>contact me for my address....in the off chance you infact DO have Javamoss
>run a-muck;  I'LL BUY IT ALL @ $5.00 per pound for every pound you can haul

I bet it's thread algae. If it has little tiny serrated leaves it's
java moss. It could be fontinalis, too, I suppose.

>Back in December I mentioned that I planned to purchase a CO2 unit from Dave 
>Gomberg. At that time a number of people replied and asked me to post an 
>update when the unit was received.

[tale of woe deleted]

Sigh. Here we go again. I've never met Dave, but I've seen him around the
net for what seems like forever. He's a knoelwdgable guy who answers my

I understand he's setting up a new business. I understand you're in
Caanda. Shipping from the US to Canada is a month unless you want to 
spend $50 or soon Fedex.

Dave's a little guy and is no doubt finding out just how badly it sucks to
sell stuff online. Bascically if you want fast fast fast service go with
one of the huge faceless nameless conmpanies that will drop ship from
some warehouse the stuff you want.

But if you want to support a fellow member of the online aqautic
plant community, buy from Dave. If it's taking too long, email or
call him, although if it were me, I'd just wait.

It's not like pets warehouse in right here answering your questions
now is it?

>I've been thinking of some of the things Claus mentioned; specifically his
>strong suggestion for the the use of plant filtration.  My trickle filter
>probably wouldn't be difficult to convert.  As I understand it I would
>remove the bio-balls, place some fast-growing plants directly into the water
>with no substrate, and add a 15-watt light source.  I suppose I would have
>to remove the sump cover and modify the hose so that the gravity flow still
>gets to the sump.  This is an area in which several members have experience,
>but I'm a little nervous about making what looks like a substantial change.

I had a tank where hair algae went nuts and almost filled a 20 gallon
tank. Cleanetst water I ever saw. I bet Java Moss would be the ideal
plant to use in a filter.

>  A few days ago I placed 9 new 1"-2" Synodontis nigriventris in an
>established tank with a good deal of green filamentous algae, and I saw two
>of them nibbling on the algae on the glass.  I couldn't see any critters in
>the algae, so I wondered if this species includes algae in its diet?

Is it just me or os thread algae a bigger problem now or are people just
talking about it more. It seems to be EVERYWHERE these days.

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