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Re: The fish attack!!!

Matt wrote:

> Whenever I
> stick my hands into the tank, the first fish on-scene are the 15 young
> who nibble at the hair on my arm, perhaps mistaking it for >hair< algae.
> LOL!!  If I just stick my hand in, they rove all over my fingers, nibbling
> furiously, which tickles more than a little.  The rainbow shark is usually
> next, randomly nibbling at the air bubbles on my arm.  Pretty soon, the
> Congo tetras come over, and that's when the party starts.  It's a regular
> air bubble feeding-frenzy.  The gouramis occasionally take a peck or two,
> along with the barbs.

I had to get rid of a female betta once who was convinced that fingers were
food; she was even capable of drawing blood.  As for the rams, though, that
definitely sounds like spawning behavior.  At one point I had a male krib
try to take a chunk out of my arm, although he wasn't nearly as successful
as the betta.  He didn't mind if I was at least a foot away, but that patch
of rotala didn't get trimmed for a few weeks.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD