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Tritons Part Deaux

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about Tritons in an All-Glass 
Hood. I als e-mailed my question to All-Glass and they had an interesting 
response. Here is the message-

"Dear Don,

I talked with the production supervisor at our light shop about your 
He said the bulb that we use in the light (GE Fresh & Saltwater) is really 
a re-label Triton bulb.  The ballast should be able to a handle it.  His
comments were:  If it is a used bulb, Tritons have a tendency to not start 
they are near the end of the bulb life.  Also, he said to check the starters 
the light." 

Is there any validity to this? The tubes that came with the striplight are 
awfully red and I noticed a HUGE difference in the output of light when I 
changed one of the All-Glass fluorescent tubes to a Chroma50. The Chroma50 
was a big improvement brightness wise. I'm guessing I shouldn't see this big 
difference in brightness since Triton's only lose 10% of their output right? 
Any feedback is appreciated.