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substrate problems

Hello everybody,
i think there's some problems with my substrate (anaerobic?!)
it's 4 inches deep with 1.5 inch peat..
my problems are 1) i notices bubble appearing and floating to the top of the 
surface comming from the substrate for about 20 seconds or pretty large 
bubbles i guess around 1cm in diameter (oval shape i guess) and 2) my sword 
plant that's planted near the edge of my tank. i can see the roots and it 
sent out some roots through my layer of peat .. the root was nice and white 
and now's it's transparent
the sword was sending out new stem/leaves every week or so (they leaves are 
over 25 inches tall touching the surface) the new leaves now on this 
particular plant seem to be crinkled up and deformed but that only happens 
on every other new leaf and the other leaf is fine and is very nice in color

thanks very much everybody

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