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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #175

This IS a first. I've never heard of Java Moss taking over. Usually it does 
moderately well then slowly dies away in my tanks. Shrimp such as yamato, 
moh-ebi, suji-ebi and other varieties seem to scarf it down with abandon. I 
also put about 100 shrimp in my pond (caught them myself from the reservoir 
last year). Luckily, I can collect a great many of these animals as they're 
native to the area (beautiful downtown Japan).
>Chcuk writes:
> > Last summer, I put some new aquarium plants directly in to my pond.
> >  Apparently, what appears to be Java moss was on something, and it has
> >  over.  It covers everything.  Last summer I was taking it out by the
> >  bucketful and a few days later it would be back.  I figured the winter
> >  would take care of it, but it didn't.
> >
> >  Also, since I gave some hardy Lilly starts to friends, now their ponds 
> >  also infested with it.  Any help appreciated.
>If it is actually Java moss(it probably is), I have a couple of 
>1) drain the pond, fill it with gasoline, and light it with a VERY long 
>2) fill the pond in and start over at least 35 meters away from the 
>3)Roundout  It kills every green thing it gets close to.
>4).... Well, actually, those are the best three I can come up with.
>As for your neighbors, I can only suggest that you pray long and hard that
>God erase their memories of where this blight originated.  Failing that you
>can either hire a couple of bodyguards or move out of town.
>But seriously, if you can find a type of pond fish that will eat it, it
>doesn't grow very fast.  It will, however, always manage to survive in a
>little tiny corner somewhere, and come back again when your fish get fat 
>Bob Dixon

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