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Re: PSI of full 5lb CO2 tank?

Andrew Lester <atlester at home_com> sez:
> I recently had my new 5lb CO2 tank filled.  It reads 680 psi.  Is this 
> full?  What is the normal full range for those of you with 5lb tanks?

It sounds like your guage may be messed up, or your tank is quite cold. 
CO2 tanks are filled by weight rather than by pressure.  The pressure of
the tank is dependant on the vapor pressure of CO2 at the given
temperature. My 10# tank read about 1100 psi when I got it filled.  It
dropped to about 900 PSI when I moved it to my cool basement, and it has
remained at that pressure for months now. It will hold that same
pressure until either the temperature changes significantly, or all the
liquid in the tank is exhausted.