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Anubias problem

Greetings.  I've been reading the aquatic plants list for quite a while now,
and have garnered a considerable amount of useful information (thanks to
everyone).  If anyone has a possible solution for my problem, I would
greatly appreciate the help.

The setup:

Over the last three weeks, I've been dosing with PMDD.  My system also has
CO2 injection, regulated to maintain a pH of 6.8.  I do not currently use
heating cables.  Photo-period is 12 hours, 75 gallon aquarium with 3 40w
Triton bulbs.  Fish load is fairly light, to the extent that, before PMDD,
I've had a nitrogen-limited system (constant outbreaks of blue-green algae).
PMDD seems to be fixing this problem.  The substrate consists of laterite
mixed with gravel below, coarse gravel on top.  I don't have measurements of
iron or nitrate, and if anyone can recommend test kits for these, I would
appreciate recommendations for that as well.

The problem:

New leaves on my Anubias are coming out deformed (shiny with crinkled
edges).  My amazon swords show no deformation, nor any of the other plants
(H polysperma or Val).  Do Anubias have a nutrient requirement (calcium,
etc.) that I'm not supplying with PMDD?

Any ideas?