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Re: It survived

In a message dated 03/25/2000 3:55:02 PM EST, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com 

<< The substrate became hopelessly
 mixed and tons of nutrients were left on the surface of the substrate and in
 the water column.  What followed was a hopeless plague of algae,
 cynobacteria and cloudy water.   >>

I rearranged a heavily planted tank last week.  In order to avoid an 
experience like yours, I ran a Vortex diatom filter charged with both carbon 
and DE continuously in the tank as I was working.  It sucked up a huge amount 
of detrius, etc that emerged from the gravel. So far the (drastically 
rearranged) tank has remained crystal clear, with no new algae growth.  Linc 
Duffy, Pleasant Valley, NY