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Re: Deep Gravel, Fertilization & Terracing

Commenting on my substrate combo:

 1 Root Tab plus Iron
 1 Substrate Gold Nugget
 1 Flourish Tab
 1/2 Jobe's stick (13-4-5 formula)

Thomas Barr wrote <<You can add this to water column and get the same
results pretty much but you have to keep an eye on it and your plants.
Doing both the gravel and the column would give you the best of both worlds

I didn't mean to imply we don't use water-column fertilization; we do. Did
you really mean to say that Jobe's sticks can be put above the substrate? 

As to keeping a front-to-back gradation of depth with deeper in back, I've
found this is really practical to do only with some kind of terracing. In
one back corner we have a terrace made with two pieces of driftwood placed
at a something over 90 degrees. This gives us three planting areas: deep
gravel on the corner terrace for a large ozelot sword and a crinum; Java
fern on the diftwood; C. undulata on the lower gravel in front. Were I to
do our 135-gal over I would make greater use of terracing. Karan Randall
has also written on the difficulty of maintaining a slope without
terracing. Doesn't your layer tend to even out with currents, vacuuming,
replanting, etc?  


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