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Re: Stargrass

Ryan Mills said...

>I think it was Matt who asked me my tank conditions
>that allow me to grow stargrass so quickly.  

It was I. It looks as though my supposition was incorrect.
Stargrass doesn't seem to need moderate alkalinity nor is
water movement a problem. It's growing o.k. for me now in
two tanks with dirt substrates at KH <2 with DIY CO2. 

>30 gallons
>2 Vitalights, 1 Nutrigrow (Trichromatic)
>KH-3 dkh (I think)
>phosphates .1ppm
>nitrates- 3-5ppm
>Flourish-.5 ml at water change, .25 every other day
>Flourish Iron on non-flourish days
>Flourite over older gravel substrate with Flourish
>moderate current with a Duetto internal filter
>yeast co2-old hang on tank heater cap on top of Duetto
>I hope this helps.  The strong light is probably the
>most important.  The stuff nearest the outflow of the
>filter doesn't grow quite as fast, but there's barely
>any difference.  Mine has flowered a bunch of times,
>but always under water for some reason.  I tried
>clipping off the flowers and positioning them above
>water, but that hasn't worked.  Good luck.  You should
>be able to grow this stuff, Cavan.


Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca