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Re: Flowering Banana Plant!

> I looked at your pictures and yes, those are the flowers starting to form.
> The flowers of N. aquatica form from stalks just below the leaf and will
> eventually grow up and emerge at the surface next to the leaf. However, I

Cool.  I look forward to seeing a nice flower.  I'll take plenty of pictures!

> don't think this has anything to do with "banana" formation. There was a

Oh well. 

> The entire genus is a legitimate flowering bunch of plants.  Other species
> require more light to survive than is generally available in aquariums.  I'm
> curious about your lighting, tank size, plant food, etc, as I'm thinking
> about trying other nymphoides indoors in an intense light tank (like a ten
> gallon with 50-60 watts).

I've got 240 watts (6x40w) of flourescent (2 tritons, 2 5000K, 2 6500K).  
The tank is a 75g.  I'm using TMG, with a little added KNO3.  I use jobes
Palm & Fern spikes, but I try not to put them near the banana plant, as
it seems to make them send runners to the surface instead of submerged
leaves (but this was just a casual observation, don't know if there is
any substance to it...)