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I think it was Matt who asked me my tank conditions
that allow me to grow stargrass so quickly.  

30 gallons
2 Vitalights, 1 Nutrigrow (Trichromatic)
KH-3 dkh (I think)
phosphates .1ppm
nitrates- 3-5ppm
Flourish-.5 ml at water change, .25 every other day
Flourish Iron on non-flourish days
Flourite over older gravel substrate with Flourish
moderate current with a Duetto internal filter
yeast co2-old hang on tank heater cap on top of Duetto

I hope this helps.  The strong light is probably the
most important.  The stuff nearest the outflow of the
filter doesn't grow quite as fast, but there's barely
any difference.  Mine has flowered a bunch of times,
but always under water for some reason.  I tried
clipping off the flowers and positioning them above
water, but that hasn't worked.  Good luck.  You should
be able to grow this stuff, Cavan.

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