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Re: Needle Valves

> > I saw some info on this supplier on the krib in a message from 1996 but
>  > the contact info was out of date.  On the krib it mentioned using a 0-10#
>  > regulator to get the pressure low enough to not need a needle valve.
>  I think you end up needing a needle valve regardless of the regulator
>  output pressure.  Even if the output is set at 1 PSI, it's going to
>  be putting out a constant rapid stream of bubbles, unless you are putting
>  some resistance on the co2 line.

I agree that you do need a needle valve, but you don't have to buy an 
expensive $50 job unless you really like to have expensive things. If you set 
your regulator to a very low output (say less than 5 psi), you can just use a 
cheap shut off valve to adjust down the flow. You can get them at your LFS in 
airline tubing kits or you can get them at Lowes or Home Depot in the 
plumbing section. The former are usually plastic and cost about $1.99 for 
four of them and the latter are brass and cost about $4.

Craig (The cheapest man alive)