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Re: paludarium question

Ivo Busko posted:

>  I recently put together a 20 gal aquarium configured as a
>  paludarium in my living room. It holds plants and a single betta
>  male fish. Due to the temperature difference between the room and
>  the interior of the paludarium, the glass tends to fog very easily.


>  The obvious solution, which is to raise the room temperature to above
>  the temperature inside the paludarium, is out of question, since this
>  would require to keep the heater on over my entire house at 80F from
>  October to April ($$$$).


I had a 44 gallon pentagon tank set up as a paludarium for a while, and had
the same problem.  For the benefit of the anoles in the tank (so theyd get
more direct UV light), I replaced half of the top with a commercial screen,
sold for a 20 gallon lizard tank.  It also eliminated the fogging problem.

I probably lost a fair amount of heat, but then one strip light was sitting
right on top of the screen... there's presumably a trade-off.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD