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RE:Growing Stargrass

>It hasn't grown very well for me in the past and I was curious
>as to the parameters of your water. Has anyone on the list
>grown it in water considered to be of low GH or low KH?
>I'm guessing that it might prefer a water of moderate
>A while back someone had suggested that it didn't like much
>water movement.
>Dave Whittaker

It doesn't mine water movement. Low CO2 perhaps......but not the movement.
I've seen it do very well in my water and softer water. As folks know and
Diana Walstead has pointed out very recently, the moderate hard water values
are good ...................not bad.

It is much more difficult to remove hardness than to add it. Add KH and GH
to your water if you think it may be holding things back.

 I have a Kh of 5 and a GH of 9 last I checked. The plant and..........
well... most plants are total weeds and perhaps only a very few(2 maybe 3
out of 250 or so) might not like this range. I think KH of 4 and a GH of 4-6
would be fine for about any thing that anyone grows including Stargrass. A
little baking soda and or CaCO3 or Equilibrium or a mix of these would do
well for you if things are below 3 on the GH or KH. That seems to be the
range were folks get into trouble or start to.
Tom Barr