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Re: paludarium question

Ivo asked about condensation in his paludarium:

I've had one going for about 4 years, and I do agree that in the 
cooler months (I say that because the South just about didn't get a 
winter this year) the condensation will be a problem. I even have a 
4" screen strip behind the lights for the best ventilation I can 
provide, and I still have LOTS of condensation on the cooler 
mornings. It contains several types of newts and 4 red-bellied frogs 
and they also rub against the glass to cause even more problems. I 
usually scrape the glass with a razor blade, rinse the sides down 
with water and dry with a paper towel. It usually stays decent for a 
day or two. At least the warmer months don't cause as much 
condensation. I guess in a way, it's just something to get used to. 
Before guests arrive, you can quick give it a squeegee and wipe-
down for a perfect-looking tank.

Jamie    <"\\\><