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Re: Stem Plants

Ryan Mills said...

>Try Heteranthera zosterifolia (stargrass).  It doesn't
>do well for some people, but I think it's pretty easy
>as long as it gets plenty of light.  You can easily
>trim it across the top with scissors.  In fact, you
>will probably be doing this VERY OFTEN.  This plant
>grows FAST.  The fastest I have ever seen.  It grows
>pretty much straight up too, not all over the place
>like in H. polysperma.  Oh yeah, it's a beautiful
>plant.  I mow it down and insert a few tops here and
>there.  It looks fantastic, and you can terrace it
>fairly easily.  It shouldn't be hard to get either. 
>Later, Cavan.      

It hasn't grown very well for me in the past and I was curious
as to the parameters of your water. Has anyone on the list
grown it in water considered to be of low GH or low KH?
I'm guessing that it might prefer a water of moderate

A while back someone had suggested that it didn't like much
water movement.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca