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Re: Stem Plants and Pruning

What I need is a stem plant that will grow a decent root structure,
> is a moderate grower (as opposed to three inches per day), and
> most importantly, can be given a straight-across haircut when it gets out
of hand, without fouling the aquarium.  I also would like it to be a plant
that  will branch and become more bushy as it is cut this way.
> Suggestions?

I dont see how pruning any kind of plant will foul the tank. If you have
adequate lighting and conditions, you should be able to grow any stem plant
you wish. Hygrophila polysperma is certainly one of the easiest, and most
undemanding stem plants..which is also why it is illegall in many states of
the USA now, and on a federal basis requires special permits to ship across

Some of my favorites are Alternanthera reineckii or "roseafolia" for
brilliant red, Hydrocotle leucocephala, or vulgaris, "Pennywort", (a vine
like plant with heart shaped leaves), Giant Hygro, (Nomaphila stricta,
Hygrophila corymbosa), Cardamine lyrata: which looks somewhat simular to
pennywort, but grows well in low light and cooler temps, and the old standby
Ludwigia repens.

Robert Paul H
My internet Gallery with pics from
Frode roe, Tom Barr, Cathy Hartland,
Chuck Gadd, Kenny Po, and some guy
named "Amano"..