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Re: Stem plants and pruning...

> hornwort.  What I need is a stem plant that will grow a decent root
> structure, is a moderate grower (as opposed to three inches per day), and
> most importantly, can be given a straight-across haircut when it gets out of

Well, Hygro is about the most basic stem plant.   But it's a quick 

My new favorite stem plant is Eusteralis stellata.  It gets a nice
red/purple color on the undersides of the leaves and on the stems,
it grows well, gets nice and bushy with trimming.

A good slow growing stem plant I've got is Nomaphila stricta (Giant Hygro).

Cabomba is a nice looking stem plant, but if it doesn't do well, it
makes a big mess all over the tank.

You can see pics of Eusteralis stellata and Giant Hygro on my website.

On the full-tank shot of my 75g tank, the E. stellata is on the right
end.  And on the Flora page, there are close-ups.