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Re: Lilaeopsis info?

> Usually when I've snagged a new plant I do a google.com search for the
> scientific name to get some more care info.  Well, I picked up two little
> sections of lileopsis at a local store and only got 5 pages that mentioned
> "lileopsis".  Am I just really misspelling the name?  all I know at this
> point is the are high light... I've got 4 32watt T8's over a 55 gallon
> tank do I need more light? Help?

Try Lilaeopsis.    L. brasiliensis (Microsword), and L. carolinensis are
two species listed in Aquarium Plants The Practical Guide.   Both are
short ground-cover type plants, listed as medium light.  The blades on
L. brasiliensis are wider than on L. carolinensis