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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #169

>      My other question: is there a similar group on line that folks would
>recommend for Discus.  My new discus arrivals always come down with
>something.  The books I have on discus talk about remedies used on the
>European market that aren't sold here, California.  This time the discus 
>whitish slime coat and even the cornea of the eyes is fogged with white.  I
>am treating the discus as the hatchery owner has recommended.  But I would
>prefer to be better educated and thus avoid such outbreaks in the future.
>And yes, the Discus have been in a quarantine tank since they arrived and
>not in the green broth of my 25 gal tank.
>Thanks, Diana

I'm no expert, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.  My discus were 
purchased from a LFS, but I've heard excellent reviews of Jack Whatley's 
Discus.  They're a bit too pricey for this poor student, but I can still 
drool can't I?  Anyways, I'd check there and then check the discus resource 
page.  You can ask the people on that page what would be a good place to 
order from.

What did the person you purchased from recommend for treating the discus?  
Email me and I'll try to help.  BTW, how many discus are you going to be 
keeping in the 25G tank?  If you think that green pea soup is bad now, wait 
until you get the Discus in.  These guys eat a lot of food and can generate 
a great deal of waste.  I have to change the water about 2-3 time a week to 
ensure that the nutrients don't overload the tank.  If your water is green 
now, that means it would not be very good for the discus.  Their health 
would be adversely affected by the excess nutrients.  I believe Karen 
Randall had a excellent article on a planted discus tank.  I don't have the 
site anymore, but I know that others do.  You might want to read the article 
before adding discus to such a small tank.  I have mine (4) in a 55G and 
wish I could get them into a 125.


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