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TMG Daily or Weekly Dose?

lauramark <lauramark at home_com> wrote:

> I just received my first batch of TMG, Someone on the
> list said they dose with this daily. Can someone tell
> me the best way. If daily, do you mix a weeks worth
> and divide by 7? 

It appears the plants do best with a daily supply of fertilizer, as opposed
to a single large does given less frequently.  That said, common sense and
an understanding of your tank's conditions will override any rule of thumb.

For instance, for extended periods in the last 8 months my 50g has been
filled with fast-growing plants.  when the conditions were right the tank
supported tremendous growth and I found myself dosing 3ml TMG daily (not to
mention the sordid array of additional nutrients that I was adding just to
keep up) for a weekly total of 21ml.  As I gradually began replacing
fast-growing species with slower-growing ones, the nutirent needs of the
tank diminished.  I now add 4ml TMG three times per week for a weekly total
of 12 ml.

Michael Rubin
michael at rubinworld_com