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Re: Amquel

Thomas Barr said...

>I have used this one product on Chlorine and now Chloramines for several
>years(15+ years) now. Amquel is in no way harmful to plants nor fish. I have
>had many species of plants and Discus and some other touchy fish over these
>years. Never in any way did I have problem using this product or resulting
>from using it. I do large water changes too(25 to 75% weekly) so if there
>was something going on I would have been and would be now in very big

I agree that it is a very good product. I use it when treating water
for a tank which is not heavily planted. However, I recently ran into
a couple of drawbacks concerning its use. I used it when setting up a
quarantine tank to house some new acquisitions. When they came down
with ich I increased the temperature and treated with Maracide. The
ich did not diminish during the first four days which is unusual. The
reason finally dawned on me when I remembered adding the Amquel to
sequester the chloramine. The packaging states that Amquel interferes
with dyes such as methylene blue.

About one month ago I lost two tanks of daphnia after replenishing
the cultures with green water from a third aquarium. Again I had
forgotten that the latter tank had been treated with Amquel at
about 1/3 strength. This effect has been discussed recently in
the Live Foods Digest. No proof of course, but it has happenned
once before to me and to several others.

Normally I do up to 75% water changes using sodium thiosulfate.
However, Ottawa water is treated with less than 1 ppm chloramine.
In my heavily planted tanks I doubt that the ammonia released
lasts beyond an hour. It works well for me. I'm sure that locality,
pH, and fish species affect toxicity and YMMV.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca