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Re: CO2 regulator and 5# CO2 tank info (fwd)

Here's the info I've found on a mail order supplier of CO2 stuff...
I saw some info on this supplier on the krib in a message from 1996 but
the contact info was out of date.  On the krib it mentioned using a 0-10#
regulator to get the pressure low enough to not need a needle valve.
Would a 0-15# regulator work also?

>Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 09:47:03 -0500
>From: Harry Hager <hhager at mindspring_com>
>To: Edward M. Smith <edsmith at pobox_com>
>Subject: Re: CO2 regulator and 5# CO2 tank
>What we normally sell for aquaria is a 0-15# regulator that has a second
>gauge that shows the tank pressure. If you put another regulator after the
>first it would be considered a "second stage" allowing even finer
>adjustment. 0-15 is the lowest/finest adjustment regualtor that we sell, I
>don't know if some people are running a second regulator after these.
>The regulators are $35 & the 5# co2 tank would be $75 + shipping. If you
>give me your zip code I can be more specific.
>Hope that helps.
> Harry