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paludarium question

I posted this yesterday but apparently it didn't go to the list. Here it
goes again:

 Hi, all
 I recently put together a 20 gal aquarium configured as a
 paludarium in my living room. It holds plants and a single betta
 male fish. Due to the temperature difference between the room and
 the interior of the paludarium, the glass tends to fog very easily.
 I'm sure other people run across this problem already, so I would
 appreciate any advice on what to do to prevent or minimize this. I
 tought of two possible solutions, but would like to hear from others 
 before experimenting:
 1 - wipe the glass internally with defogger liquid, the one used to
     prevent fogging on car windshields. Drawback: may be toxic to fish
     or plants ? 
 2 - blow air with a small fan over the internal glass surface. Drawback:
     too high tech, maybe too noisy.
 The obvious solution, which is to raise the room temperature to above 
 the temperature inside the paludarium, is out of question, since this 
 would require to keep the heater on over my entire house at 80F from 
 October to April ($$$$).
 -Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD