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Re: Jordanella and algae eating

In response to Roger Miller's comparison of flagfish and swordtails - 
I have had a pair of Jordanella in a 30 gal tank for a little over a 
month now. They have nearly eradicated the thread algae and are 
working on fur algae (oedogonium) with great gusto. I'm very 
impressed and pleased with these fish. They have been peaceful 
and uninterested in the plants so far, and they're kinda pretty too. I 
do not have any hairgrass in this tank, but there are some small 
crypts which they have cleaned but not bothered otherwise. 
Perhaps there has been such a wealth of algae that they haven't 
had to look elsewhere for food. Anyway, they have my 
recommendation for green filamentous algae.

Cathy Hartland
Middletown, MD