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Re: TMG Daily or Weekly Dose?

> I just received my first batch of TMG, Someone on the
> list said they dose with this daily. Can someone tell
> me the best way. If daily, do you mix a weeks worth
> and divide by 7?

I use a daily dose.  I just use a 10 ml syringe, to measure out
the right amount, and add it slowly to the tank.  I have a 
sump setup, so normally I just squirt it right into the sump tank.
But I've added it directly to the tank without trouble, just
be careful not the squirt it right at any fish!   I got a handful
of the syringes at the local pharmacy for free.  They give them
out for measuring oral dosages of liquid medicines.

I'm currently adding 6 ml per day for my HEAVILY planted 75g.  I 
started at 4 ml per day, and have increased it each week due to
visible signs of iron deficiency (mainly from my Amazon Frogbit).
At 4 ml, it was very noticeable.  After a week with 5 ml daily, it's
only barely noticeable, but still not quite right.  I'm betting 6 ml
per day will be the magic number.  The only algae is some green
spot on the glass, and some green spot algae on some of the older
Anubias leaves.