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tank questions

I have not posted here a whole lot, but have had some problems lately and
I am looking for some feedback because I know that there are many
experienced people on this list. My problem is with what I think is
blue-green cyanobacteria
(http://www.jason.aquariumplants.cx/plants/algae.html), but I am looking
for more of a check on the rest of my tank parameters than a fix for the
dreaded algae. I think that I know how I got into the algae problem, but
I am not positive about what might help me to get out. I think that I let
my fertilization decrease too much while I have lots of light, CO2, etc.
I will describe my setup and would appreciate any advice or thoughts. I
have already read many articles on it, but everyone's tanks are so
I have four tanks, one 125 gal and four 10 gallon tanks. I love Amano's
tanks and have tried to make my own Nature Aquariums with some success.
The tank setups are described in more detail at
http://www.jason.aquariumplants.cx/ (sorry, all of the pages are not
complete and I am working hard to get them done) under the appropriate
links. I do water changes every week with 100% reconstituted RO water
(30% on 125 gal and 50% on the 10 gal. tanks). I reconstitute it to 3-4
deg. KH and GH with calcium tablets, Epsom salts, and baking soda. I add
KCl for Potassium. I believe it should be Roger Miller's recipe from a
while back. I mix a batch of CSM+B according to the Sears-Conlin paper
and add appropriate amounts to each tank daily. I originally saw what I
believe were potassium deficiencies and so I added 1/4 tsp K2SO4 daily
between all four tanks. I also keep an eye on nitrate levels and they
appear low rather often. I have added 1/8 tsp. KNO3 every few days
between all four tanks. I would add more, but I seem to notice better
growth in the algae a day after adding KNO3. A few other parameters are
Fe=.3-.4 mg/l. I use Karl Schoeler's Substrate Gold and that seems to
keep the iron levels high in the water as well. I seem to have .1-.2 ppm
PO4 in all tanks as well, but since there is practically no fish load and
I am using 100% RO water, how can there be much phosphate? Right now, I
can't find a convenient source to add some phosphate and test. Is there
something missing in what I am doing? Could it be a problem using 100% RO
water and some other micro nutrient is missing? Since I am leary about
adding too much nitrate, am I adding too little? Is there way too much

Sorry for the long post, I wanted to be thorough.

Jason Luebke
Minneapolis, MN