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CO2 and Needle Valves

Several list members have recently asked about CO2 Bottles and Needle
Valves, so I thought I would regurgitate some information I have put on the
APD in the past.  I bought my setups about a year ago and have been very
happy with them.

I ordered the B-SS4 Nupro Needle Valve ("S" Series) from Dibert Valve and
Fitting Company, Inc, P.O. Box 37280, Richmond, VA 23234-7280.
(540)366-0555. If you call them, ask for Joann and mention my name. She will
be able to check my invoice and tell you what else you need. The cost for
the needle valve was $55.00

Dibert Valve is the local distributor for Swagelok valves. The B-SS4 model
accommodates regular air tubing. If you are using something other than
regular air tubing (1/4"OD, 3/16" ID), you will have to get different sized
inserts than what I got. I ordered the B-405-3 inserts which fit air tubing
like a glove. The inserts are about 50 cents apiece. I have been using them
with the Nupra Valve for a year now and I have had no problems.

You can get a twin gauge regulator and a used (but certified) tank from
Rapids, 101 Second Avenue, SW, PO Box 396, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406
800-472-7431 http://www.4rapid1.com . I got the used ten pound cylinder
(G110) for $65 and a regulator (Norgren - RP957) for $52.50 from Rapids.

$55.00 Valve
$65.00  Tank
$52.50 Regulator
172.50 Total

I hope this is helpful.

Ken Guin
Arlington, VA