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Chloramine remover v. Chlorine only

Here is a simple question.  I recently moved from Charleston, SC where we 
had ammonia in the water so I had been using Amquel. When I moved to 
Gainesville, Fl 2 of the LFS said that they do not have ammonia in the water 
here and implied (very strongly) that I should not use the Amquel (which I 
have a large bottle of that I bought before I moved) because it would 
somehow be detrimental to my fish and plants.  I don't really trust these 
new fish stores and really miss my old store, Tideline (the likes of which I 
have never seen in any other city). Anyway,this doesn't sound quite right to 
me, and I suspect they just wanted me to buy a new bottle of dechlorinator 
only to make money.  What do you all think?
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