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Spikes? Sticks? I am confused....

At 03:48 AM 3/21/2000 -0500,  Michael Rubin wrote:
> Jobe's spike product is not the same as the stick product.  The 
>spikes are  designed for tree fertilization.<snip>

I have seen a tree product (the spikes are the size of a railroad spike,
about the length of a pencil and as big around as the base of my thumb,
maybe bigger.  I don't remember what the were called (spikes/sticks).  

I hold in front of me Jobe's Plant Food SPIKES for lush ferns and palms and
they are NOT that size, they are more the size of a suppository.

Can we get the terminology straight here so there is no confusion, please?
 I propose that until someone actually finds the tree thingies and finds
out for sure what they are called, that we call them all spikes.  I don't
believe the Fern and Palm spikes are made in more than one spike size
(actually, I believe they are made in only one package size, as well).
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