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Mixing it up.

At 03:48 AM 3/21/2000 -0500, BeetleMaster at aol_com asked:
>Subject: Compressed gas fittings
>Does anyone know of a source (or if one exists) that sells CGA fittings that 
>you can screw into a regulator, or that sells CGA adaptors. Specifically,
>looking for a way to use an oxygen regulator (CGA 540) on my CO2 tank (CGA 
>320). Apart from the fittings, the pressure ranges are all the same.

Hey, good idea Beet.   Only prob is, you will need to change the internal
parts in the regulator from ones resistant to high Redox to ones resistant
to low pH.   Shouldn't cost more that a few hundred for the machining to
make them fit.
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