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Calcium Carbonate

Tom Brennan wrote:

> I use to order ACS grade CaCO3 from Hach.  This got expensive and I have 
> been experimenting with sea shells, garden lime, and lime pellets, they
> much cheaper but take for time to dissolve.

Dolomite, available in powdered form from your local garden shop, contains
both Calcium and Magnesium.  I leave a bag of it in my sump and it maintains
my GH at 6.0dGH (tap water around here is about 30dGH).  Dolomite is rock,
meaning is doesn't dissolve quickly.  I've been told that Aragonite, often
used as a substrate in marine tanks, will do the same and dissolves faster,
raising GH higher in a shorter period of time.  Does anyone have experience
with this?

michael rubin 
mrubin at visa_com
1(650) 432-4685