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RE:Calcium Carbonate - Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #163


I use to order ACS grade CaCO3 from Hach (#12001, 454g=$40 -or - #12014,
113g=$19, see em at: www.hach.com  Go into the "Product Ordering" section,
"Browse Catalog" and search under the "Product Type" drop-down box and
choose "Chemicals and Reagents", this page takes a while to load then find
"Calcium Carbonate" farther down on the page.  This was a pain to find my
first time on their page!

This got expensive and I have been experimenting with sea shells, garden
lime, and lime pellets, they are much cheaper but take for time to dissolve.
I use good-ole backing soda to boost alkalinity/buffering/kH.  Both work
well. Actually I keep quite a few shells in on of my Magnum 350s and add
lime or dissolved lime pellets at water changes to get my water up to
4kH/3gH.  I also have some Calcium Hydroxide (SeaChem Reef Kalkwasser) but
found out quick this rapidly sucks all the PH out of your water and you pH
skyrockets immediately!  Someone mention on the list that I could bubble Co2
into a mixture of the Calcium Hydroxide and water and precipitate the CaCO3
out, too much trouble.  I may add a 1/4 tsp sometimes while adding lime and
don't see that much of a jump in pH.  As you guessed it, I am not a chemist!

Comments, suggestions on what I am doing are welcome.

> Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 03:17:48 -0800
> From: gordon.woodward at db_com
> Subject: Calcium Carbonate
> Any advice on where I could get this chemical? Currently I'm
> using the Dupla KH + GH tablets to alter my water hardness but
> these are damn expensive to buy. Is it like Sodium Carbonite
> where I can just pick some up from the local supermarket?
> Thanks,
> Gordon
> or via FTP to ftp.actwin.com in /pub/aquaria/aquatic-plants.