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Re: Tank Overheating

Thanks for the reply Dave,

>Sounds like your tank may be too well insulated.

Yes, it seems that way....I've constructed my own little Aquatic sauna :-)

>1. Remove your glass lids, separate the pieces and only use the smallest
>section of glass that will protect your lights. Keep the tank top as open as
>possible. Also remove the back plastic section that allows for tubes, etc to
>pass thru. This will let heat escape from the tank.

Last night I cut some small pieces of timber and then used them to prop-up the
lighting hoods to keep them off the glass, hopefully this will allow the air to
circulate better and remove the heat generated by lights. I also placed a small
quantity of ice in the water to help gradually bring down the temperature of the
water, I didn't want to do anything too drastic like a water change. I have
removed two of the smaller glass lids and positioned the remaining ones
underneath the lights to protect them from the water, like you suggested. This
morning the water temperature had lowered itself back down to a healthy 25deg
celc, hopefully now it will stay that way but I'll see what happens when the
lights have been on for their 10hr period.

>2. You may want to install a small muffin fan (computer) so that it hangs
>from the open section in the rear of your canopy. Have it draw from the
>inside and blow to the outside. This alone can lower tank temps by 2-3
>degrees (in my experience). I have a 30 cfm 3 inch fan in a 640 watt
>CustomSealife VHO hood on my 125 gallon and it does a great job.

If what I have done above still doesn't keep the temperature at a stable value,
I'll try putting in a fan like you suggested, I'm sure I can use a fan out of
one of my old computers to do this.

I would like to apologise to the list also for posting the same message twice.
When I posted the first message, the Aquatic Plants MailingList website was down
but when it came back online my message wasn't there. I then retyped the message
and sent it to the list again, I proceded to check that the 2nd message got
there and then found out my first one got posted in the meantime. :-(