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E. harbich


6 weeks ago I got an Echinodorus harbich from a Danish nursery, Aquartica
(www.aquartica.dk ) - apparently the same plant Dennerle calls E.
cordifolius 'Harbich'. The funny thing is Dennerle says the plant is a
compact mutant form, while my plants have been sending almost round leaves
up to the surface on really long, slender stalks. They actually look a lot
like water lily leaves, they have no tendency of breaking through the water
like osme cordifolius/radicans I've had..

There's about 1W/liter of fluorescent light in the tank, 11 hours per day.
Several other plants, including a half a dozen of different swords, are
growing as they're supposed to. So... does anybody have any experience on
this one? Or any other sword that sends floating leaves on the surface?

Jouni Jaakkola