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Acrylic tank

Hi group,

I have a potential problem that may shut down my planted tank, and I hope 
you can help.  About 6 years ago I set up my 75-gallon acrylic plant 
tank.  I bought the tank and stand used, for only $80.  The stand did not 
have a flat supporting surface at the top, but only 2x4's around the 
edges.  I guess the idea is to let the tank bottom sag in the middle.  Not 
knowing any better at the time, I added a supporting cross member 
connecting the middle of the front and back beams.  I think this added a 
stress point to the tank (it can't sag in the middle anymore).  I found out 
my mistake a few years later, but since things were working just fine, I 
didn't want to disturb the set up.  However, just this past few weeks, my 
tank has started to develop cracks.  I found 3 small (1/8" diameter) 
starburst cracks in the middle of the right side (the clear acrylic piece 
wraps around from left to front to right).

I am afraid this is going to lead to the whole tank bursting open soon, and 
am seeking advice on what to do.

1.  Is there some way I can stop the cracks from spreading?  Are there 
"acrylic professionals" whom I can hire to repair the cracks?

2. Should I remove the cross piece that I added earlier?  I suppose I could 
get under the stand and saw off the cross piece without removing the tank 
from the stand (that would be a big job and I don't know if lifting up the 
tank now would cause it to break open).

Should I just junk the tank ?

Thanks for any advice,

Hoa G. Nguyen
Freshwater Planted Aquarium: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/2637/