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Bagging plants

At 03:48 PM 3/13/2000 -0500, Alysoun McLaughlin asked:
>>After the last PVAS auction, a question came up about the "proper" way to
>>bag a plant. 

Here are my answers worked out after MANY shipments from Neil Frank for

1.  For long-distance shipment, pack the plants in plastic bags with a few
ml of water.   Very very gently compress the plant and bag to drive out
excess air.  Lay the GENTLY flattened bags in a sturdy paper box which will
just barely hold them and ship.

2.  For auction, reinflate the bags with breath and seal inflated bag with
rubber band.   Label and auction.  It would be best for this purpose to use
the extra clear bags, but they command quite a premium.

These tactics are easy and quite effective.   We saw no evidence of any
damage once we got it right.   If you use newspaper it must be picked off
which is quite a job.   It is not necessary, or even useful as far as I can
tell (unless you work for a shipping company and are trying to drive up the
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