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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #163

Hi, Wright.

Ok Ok, several ppl have emailed me privetly aobut the ammonia/chloramine
issue and I stand convinced that there is a problem.  
But how come I am NOT seeing any ammonia in "control tests" and never
see it in my tanks in testing after water changes?  The East Bay DOES
use chloramine, does it not?

Could it be a matter of how much chloramine or what kind?  I am totally
boggled by this.


The use of hypo to neutralize
> chloramine has been repeatedly shown to be a very bad idea, indeed.
> Amquel, Prime, Ammo Lock 2, etc. are just about as cheap (bulk, mail order)
> and they do it properly.
> The ammonia still gets to the plants (at least with Amquel) without hurting
> the fish. IDK about the others.