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Re: Calcium Carbonate

On Mon, 20 Mar 2000, Gordon wrote:

> Any advice on where I could get this chemical? Currently I'm
> using the Dupla KH + GH tablets to alter my water hardness but
> these are damn expensive to buy. Is it like Sodium Carbonite
> where I can just pick some up from the local supermarket?

Calcium carbonate dissolved in your water will give an equal dose of both
KH and GH.  It's readily available in several forms:

At the Supermarket or pharmacy you can buy calcium dietary supplements.
Check the ingredients to make sure they provide calcium as calcium
carbonate and that they don't contain a lot of extra ingredients.

At the nursery or landscaping supply you can get crushed or chipped marble
or limestone.

At the beach you can get shells.

Calcium carbonate dissolved, but not real fast.  Calcium tablets might be
easiest.  Chips and shells are best placed in a mesh bag in the tank and
allowed to stay there until you get the GH/KH increase you want.

Roger Miller