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re: tank overheating

Sounds like your tank may be too well insulated. Here is what I would do:

1. Remove your glass lids, separate the pieces and only use the smallest 
section of glass that will protect your lights. Keep the tank top as open as 
possible. Also remove the back plastic section that allows for tubes, etc to 
pass thru. This will let heat escape from the tank.

2. You may want to install a small muffin fan (computer) so that it hangs 
from the open section in the rear of your canopy. Have it draw from the 
inside and blow to the outside. This alone can lower tank temps by 2-3 
degrees (in my experience). I have a 30 cfm 3 inch fan in a 640 watt 
CustomSealife VHO hood on my 125 gallon and it does a great job.

I would try 1 first and see how it works, and then try 2 if you need it. You 
will lose more H2O to evaporation. Hope this helps.

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